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Chris M. Walker is the founder of Legiit A 7 Figure Online Marketplace and Superstar SEO a 6 figure per month SEO and Internet Marketing Agency, and Superstar Academy an online training academy for Entrepreneurs. He grew a 7 figure SEO business using the techniques you will be seeing in the webinar.

You're Going To See
  •  How To - scale an SEO client consulting agency to 6 figures a month or more
  • ​How To - consistently sign multiple new SEO clients a month, every single month.
  • ​How To - go from having 1 - 2 low paying, high maintenance clients to choosing who you want to work with and how much you want to get paid.
  • ​How To - turn your clients into your personal sales force & outsource the SEO so you don't have to grind all day every day.
  • How To - Work less hours and make more money.
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